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Rainforest, Old San Juan and secret local adven...
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This experience is a roadtrip to all the best and most desired spots of Puerto Rico in one single tour. The trip focuses on visiting the most insta-worthy sights for great pictures, history, culture and adventure by visiting Old San Juan, the rainforest, a clear water beach and a local restaurant thats serves authentic puertorrican food. This is a true local experiences that visits the world famous east side of Yunque rainforest. We also visit the top spots of Old San Juan with short commentary on the history. Later we visit a local's favorite beach that has lovely clear warm waters for the perfect island getaway. We end the tour having lunch at a local family chinchorro so that you can live the experience of eating in an authentic and real puertorrican family. This trip includes transportation and last 3 days duration. This is the tour of the best sites and most scenic pictures of the island all in one. A true local experience, with a local, as a local. Hotel not included.

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